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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Do you want a credit card best suited to little use, such as in emergencies only? Then a no annual fee card may suit. They are not for everyone however as standard finance charges can be high and you can quickly end up paying more in interest than the annual fee on a low rate card.

Some people opt for this type of card when they want to pay bills and for purchases online. It's not the credit line they are after, but the convenience of paying by credit card. If you have the cash available to make purchases, but are looking for that Visa or MasterCard to use for convenience, you may want to consider a debit card instead. If you do want that line of credit available though for lifes little emergencies, then a no annual fee credit card may suit.

No Annual Fee Credit Cards are usually a no frills card without all the rewards programs and the like.

Card Type Finance Charge Annual Fee Cash Advance Balance Transfer Apply
BDO JCB Gold Card Visa 3.00% P2,400
Free For Life*
P300/5% N/A Apply
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Card Type Finance Charge Annual Fee Cash Advance Balance Transfer Apply
Metrobank M Free MasterCard Mastercard 3.50% Free P300/3% 0.79%
Add-on interest
More Info


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